Limited Assistance Representation: Often people only need a letter written or some forms filled out.


Special Education:  Parents of special needs children will sometimes have disagreements with the school district over the services needed for their children.  Sometimes it is necessary to involve attorneys in order to resolve the dispute.  Unfortunately these children often get involved with the court system too.  If you are facing any of these problems, please make an appointment to discuss your situation.


Guardianship:  Guardianships are acquired for many different reasons – an elderly parent who can no longer take care of themselves, a disabled child who can’t take care of himself, or a sibling who cannot care for their child.  In these and other situations it is necessary to get a legal guardianship so you can do things like take the person to the doctor.  If you think you need a guardianship, please make an appointment to discuss the process.
Divorce:  You and your spouse have decided to end your marriage.  You know something about the divorce process from your cousin, co-worker or best friend.  Everybody’s experience is different though so your divorce will not be theirs.  In addition to traditional litigation, there is a collaborative law approach to divorce.  Make an appointment to discuss your options.