Guardianships are acquired for many different reasons – an elderly parent who can no longer take care of themselves, a disabled child turning 18 who can’t take care of himself, or a grandchild whose parent cannot care for them. In these and other situations it is necessary to get a legal guardianship so you can assist another person with medical appointments, handling finances, and daily activities. If you think you may need a guardianship, please make an appointment to discuss the process.


 Deborah has experience with both in-state and out-of-state adoption matters. It is a pleasure to help clients build their families through adoption.

Special Education Advocacy

 Parents of special needs children will sometimes have disputes with the school district over the services needed for their children. Sometimes it is necessary to involve attorneys in order to resolve the dispute.   

Juvenile Justice

 Special-needs children often become involved with the police, Juvenile Court, and agencies such as the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.   

Human Rights Advocacy

 Disabled citizens often have unique needs related to work, housing, and access to support services. Sometimes legal help is needed to protect those rights.

Health and Education Law

 Deborah is an active educator on topics related to FERPA, HIPAA, electronic medical records, and health-care IT.

Limited Assistance Representation

 This is appropriate if you have specific things for which you want a lawyer's help. Here are some examples where LAR may be right if you:

  • Received some legal documents, and want help understanding how to respond to them.
  • Want coaching about what to expect when you go to court.
  • Need help with a specific hearing, mediation, or negotiation session.
  • Want a trustworthy answer about a legal question.
  • Need to prepare documents for court.

Because LAR focuses on only specific legal tasks, choosing it may save you money. In Massachusetts, LAR is not allowed for matters in Juvenile Court.